Vrmac hiking tour



Vrmac from Tivat and Porto Montenegro
Gornja Lastva – Sv. Ilija 750 meters above sea level – Trvdjava Vrmac
Length : 9 km
Elevation : ascent + 400 m, descent –250 m
Duration : 4 hours
Difficulty : Medium

Availability: This trip is available through the whole year
Vrmac hill – Starting just from the Tivat city, 10 minutes drive from the hotels, we reach authentic
montenegrin village, at 300 metres above sea level, overlooking the bay and the coast.
As soon as we start and pass through the village, we take the ascent on the old caravan road, hidden in
the shade, and learn how it was built during the Austro – Hungarian reign, and how it was used to
connect system of forts, barracks, and trenches on the top of the Vrmac ridge. Ultimate price of this tour
is terrific view from the top, on both sides of the Boka Bay – towards the ancient city of Kotor, hidden in
the beautiful fjord, and towards the Tivat Riviera and open Adriatic sea on the southern side. While
descending, we are taking gravel road through the forest and shade, until we reach abandoned fortress
and barracks on the other end of the ridge. This place is ideal pick up point and opportunity for the
snack/ lunch at the end of this popular hiking trail.


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